Back to square one
Monday April 03rd 2006, 10:46 pm
Filed under: Casual Play,Full Tilt Poker,No-Limit Hold'em,S&G,Shorthanded

A day out of the “I shouldn’t have opened FullTilt today”-series…the complete opposite of yesterday, which equals losing all I won yesterday times 2. Nice, not. Damn! Losing boat over boat isn’t fun, seeing a guy getting his Aces cracked twice within one orbit (in a donk-masters turbo token satellite: once vs J10o, once vs KK; personally I busted out 10th…no token baby) was fun though, no replacement for my xxx lost BBs though…god bless that I’m playing strictly micro/low limits these days…side note: bankroll at FullTilt nontheless is down to an all-time low 🙁

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