He dribbles, he shoots, he scores!
Thursday April 06th 2006, 1:37 am
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After today’s exam, which went fairly well to say the least, and an afternoon of hitting the books for friday’s exam, I decided to play another 180SnG…no boring hand histories…long story short: I played well, had some good cards in tight spots and even sucked out once (at the final table, Ax vs KK, Ace on the flop)…first final table in these buggers…came in third. W00t!

final table

3rd place finish

No poker tomorrow (or later on today to be precise) as I gotta hit the books one last time for friday’s exam – my last one at uni! Wish me luck… 🙂


Nice score!

Comment by SirFWALGMan 04.06.06 @ 6:20 am


Nicely done! My best in the $4 180 is 6th. Looks like I have some catching up to do.

Comment by kaellinn18 04.06.06 @ 1:52 pm


Thanks all. It was really time that I had something going my way again…as for the catching up: yup, although my best (until yesterday) was 13th and 14th – this time it looked similar (as if I wouldn’t make the final table yet again), but then I made some good moves (including calling a huge All-In after the flop – my AJ didn’t hit, but I thought that he probably didn’t hit either, so I called him, to his dismay…and sure enough he showed K10, it crippled him and launched me right back into the fight)…I hope that I can hit some more of these after tomorrow’s exam…time for a W 😉

Comment by Ingoal 04.06.06 @ 2:21 pm


Nice work man, way to go.

Comment by Garthmeister J. 04.06.06 @ 6:45 pm