Watching the 1mill is a learning experience
Monday April 10th 2006, 5:17 am
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  • Hours of poker watched: 7h
  • Hours of donkey poker witnessed: 6.75h
  • Learning experience? Yup, just because it’s a 1 Million $ tourney doesn’t make the players any better (in all fairness there are some good players in the field, but most players are really playing heehaw-get lucky-or not-poker and to navigate through a field of 5k+ players you will need some kind boards along the way)…basically a real crapshoot for the most part…so this is def one I’m not going to try out for…
  • Player that impressed me most: Per-18, knocking out almost everyone from his table to reach the final table with nearly 3Million in chips

Now it’s past 6 am and I need some sleep…the final table is still at 9 players, so I guess I’ll read about the result on the pokerstars blog later today… 🙂

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Hey Ingoal. I too have watched the big big tourneys and agree it is a tremendous learning experience, though I tend to focus more on the last couple hundred players than watching the entire thing.

Having watched both and played in one of them, I would recommend going for the million guaranteed tournament on partypoker instead if you’re interested in ever playing this size tournament. It usually has around 2000 entrants instead of pokerstars’ 5000+, and you can qualify for it directly in regular satellites for $5, $10 and $20 (and more) every single day, without the double-shootout business and all the other hoops stars can make you jump through. And I played in the party million tourney in February, and cashed. The competition was a bit smarter than your regular MTT donkest online, but for the most part very beatable at the same time.

Comment by Hoyazo aka The Hammer Player 04.10.06 @ 2:54 pm


Hey there, I agree that it’s best to not watch the first few hours, because ppl are playing a mix of thin thin edges and/or crap hands in the good/bad ol’ “either I x-tuple up or go home early instead of playing x hours and then not cashing anyway”-way.

What really worried me about the whole tourney though is that even in later stages (at least some) ppl still played like crazy (pushing every 20 + Ace baby like they were gold) and with the constant pressure some of the “better players” were correctly waiting for their chance to hit it big and then didn’t (I’ve seen Ax vs AA, Ax vs KK, JJ vs KK vs AA, etc etc and the bad thing was that in around 7 out of 10 hands the donk hand won). So in retrospect I would say that to really score big in this one (not only cashing or making the 2nd cash level or above) you’ve got to be lucky and win A LOT of coin-flips along the way to even stay in contention and you can consider yourself lucky if the (almost) inevitable junk-kicking occurs in a not All-In situation…

As for party: you may have noticed that Party Poker is 0$ in my Current Standings (sidebar), as I’ve got no money there, so the tourney there isn’t an option atm…

I guess I’ll try to make my way into one of FullTilt’s bigger tourneys as their fields just aren’t that big and I feel comfortable in a field of +/- 2k, everything above that didn’t do me any good yet…we’ll see…for now my main focus will stay on the 180s on Stars…3rd was my best finish so far, time for a 2nd or 1st 😉

Comment by Ingoal 04.10.06 @ 5:10 pm

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