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Tuesday April 11th 2006, 11:37 pm
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Nothing working late in the 180s. Played one yesterday, made some moves busted out 96th. Today I played another one and built up my stack to well above average. Then I hold my precious AA again…pop it up preflop…two callers…flop comes down all spades…you guessed it, I don’t hold the As…checked to me…I fire another shell…one caller…turn is blank…checked to me…I check…river is blank…now he fires out 800…now I suspect I’m beat – bs I know I’m beat, but I’m on “I hold bullets and it can’t be true that they get cracked yet again, so I’m the sheriff for this hand”-tilt…sure enough he holds As5s…well…too bad he couldn’t lay it down preflop to a 4xBB raise…next hand is bs and I fold preflop…next hand I hold 66…all try to limp in, so I pop it up…3 callers…this table is full of calling stations, damn. flop comes down A-3-3…I fire a shell…short-stack pushes All-In (another 350 to call)…all others fold…I call and show my 66…he holds AA…[thanks poker gods for mocking me time and time again both with and against AA, thanks!]. So I’m down to 350 chips now and can’t believe what just happened….so I built my stack back up and I’m up to 5000k in three orbits…we’re down to the final 36 now, but no joy when my flopped Jack is dusted by a Queen on the turn…out in 29th.

Lesson learned: AA is from now on my personal nemesis. I’m fed up with this bs hand! 😉

Let’s see if I’m still awake at 2:30am, maybe I’ll join the WWdN again then…it’s been a while since a played the last one…


That has to be one of the worst feelings, to get beat holding one hand, and then later to get beat by someone else holding the same hand. Keep grinding. I won’t be playing in the WWdN (won’t be home from work in time), but I’ll try to hop on and rail when I do get home. See ya ’round the room.

Comment by iamhoff 04.12.06 @ 1:13 am


Yeah, that sucks…and it sucks even more when these hands involve AA…but hey after all AA is just another hand…

Too bad you couldn’t make the WWdN…I didn’t do all that good (to say the least), but hey next week there’s another game…new game new luck 😉

Comment by Ingoal 04.12.06 @ 4:26 pm