WWdN: presdlee invitational
Wednesday April 12th 2006, 2:14 am
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Damn! Damn! Damn! That pretty much sums it up. My fastest exit from the WWdN ever (20 minutes). My starting table featured doubleas, Hammer player and CJ just to name a few.

The tourney starts out with a dropped hammer (on me) by hammer player aka Hoyazo in the first hand, which should pretty much set the tone for the night. I don’t play many hands, win a small pot, then I invest a third of my stack on a 9977 board, can’t get Hoyazo to lay down his hand though…so I think he held either a 9 (questionable), a 7 (questionable) or an Ace. So I’m down to under 1000 chips…in the next orbit I find JJ in midposition – I pop it up to 120 (4xBB) all fold, but not Hoyazo. Great, flop comes down A-x-x, two hearts…I fire another shell (120)…he reraises to 350…now I’m wondering if he’s really holding the Ace…(in retrospect I should have known that he did. What kind of hands would make you call 4xBB?) Nontheless I push…he ponders and calls…and to my dismay he’s holding AKo…no help on turn and river…so I’m out in 59th (of 65)… 🙁

Note to self:

  1. Stop playing at 2:30am – damn it – or at least only play if you’ve got quiet surroundings and if you’re focussed.
  2. Back to the training room: Relearn to think, before acting…[why risk all your remaining chips on such a hand when you’re almost certainly behind…a moment of thinking “what happened in this hand so far” would have been enough to come to the right conclusion: fold]
  3. Stop moaning and overanalyzing everything…stop bitching…the deck has no memory…

On another note: Hoyazo, well played…I would have called the weak bet over the top, too if I was holding AK – especially if the over the top bet was only and additional 400 (like it was in this case)…hope you put the chips to good use 🙂

Update: Yup he did, making the final table and finishing 8th, congrats. Seems like 23skidoo was unstoppable and took down the win, congrats to you too!

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