First shot at WSOP qualification and other amusing stuff
Saturday April 15th 2006, 2:55 am
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Logged on after an evening of board games to find some card action, nothing much going on so I jump right into a donk-tastic SnG…first hand I’m dealt ducks (22) some limpers, one min-raise…I call…flop comes down 8-2-9 rainbow…I bet the pot…the original raiser pops another min-raise…I push…he calls with 77….nice, so he either needs a 7 or two running cards to make his straight…turn 6…river 10….bam! Although I love poker I could call it quits sometimes, am I too emotional about it? Probably, but I can’t help it…I guess I should order a titanium cup, at least the junk kickings won’t hurt as much then…

You gotta love it...two perfect running cards

After that junk kicking in the first hand I looked around the tourney section and saw that there was one of the new WSOP Bracelet Races about to start. I checked my account and yup, one token left, so why not? 228 players entered, so the first two finishers are awarded a 2k WSOP package (1.500$ buyin to a WSOP tourney of choice + 500$ spending money) and the remaining final table players are ITM. I decided to play pretty tight, not taking any shots and so I played…grinded my way up to 2.2k in chips over the first few orbits, then looked down at AK…pop it up before the flop, one caller…flop and turn all low with a straight and flush chance…so I got the hell out of there…nothing much afterwards until I look down at AK again in the next orbit. I pop it up to 4xBB…one caller in LP…flop comes down K-10-9 two spades…now I hold the lovely TPTK once again, so I fire the pot…he reraises the pot…I go into the tank and think about what sort of hands would he call the preflop raise…not much info on the player, so I put him on a hand like K-x (if that x is a 9 or 10 I’m probably screwed) or two spades for a flush draw…so I raise the remaining 120 of my stack and I’m all in. He shows 9c-10c, so he was playing suited connectors, wanting to see a flop at all cost and connected perfectly…no help on the turn or river…and I’m out in 141st (of 228) after just 35 minutes of play. I guess I should have sticked with my original plan to abstain from playing until sunday (World Cup of Poker – Team Germany Qualifier), but the WSOP is starting to call my name…and I had to answer the call 😉
Two times AK and I'm out

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