Poker skill my ass
Sunday April 16th 2006, 1:09 am
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Massive rant ahead…move along…there’s nothing much to see….you’ve been warned!

Sometimes it’s hard to believe in the “skill part” of poker, especially after losing hand after hand after hand to crappy, dominated hands. I guess the low limit SnGs and ring games I’m currently playing shouldn’t be classified as poker, they should be classified as “donkey-stack-slinging-odds-defying-card-game”…the sad part about this form of the game is that raises, odds and cards for that matter are irrelevant. So it gives you no edge to be a 90% favourite with your hands…it’s like every player is playing in the dark – all the time…so luck 99.9999…9%, skil 0.000000…1% – the skill you need is to NOT go insane putting up with this crap….examples:

Stars SnGs:

  1. AQs vs Q10o in the first hand, flop comes down Q-8-2 rainbow…I bet…he raises All-In…hmm maybe a set…but I guess not…call…turn is a 10 enough said
  2. AJo vs Q10o, rivered flushes are nice if you’re holding broadway
  3. J10s vs Q9o – I raise preflop and go all-in on the J-10-6 flop, sure enough he calls (after all donkeys always draw – but then again: in some hands where I decide to draw because the odds are “in my favour” I tend to be kicked in the junk (17outs, or roughly 50% at that given time) – so I guess it would be best to rephrase the “donkeys always draw” part to “donkeys always draw and connect almost every time!”…) and the OESD hits on the river and IGHN

Now that I’ve got that out of my system I can come to the second part of this post which is rant free. I logged off Stars and opened FullTilt and played another low limit SnG there…nothing spectacular, besides that I didn’t get sucked out on more than once and that was when I was in commanding position…a nice little tourney and I even got to heads up play and in the end took it down! A win, a win…the joy. Now I’m going to get the hell out of dodge and get some rest…World Cup of Poker 2006 – Team Germany Qualifier coming up at 8am ET = 2pm here…wish me luck 🙂

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