WCOP Qualifier
Sunday April 16th 2006, 4:20 pm
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So, I tried to qualify for team Germany. The thing was setup as a heads up tourney and 143 players entered it, “paying” 50FPP in the process. The winner would win a spot in Team Germany. I started out at an empty table, like half of the field – you gotta love the format of PokerStars, so I sat out the first 40 minutes until the other tables with 2 players finished.

I used the time to chat with Sires, whom you probably all know from the WWdN tourneys. He was sitting at an empty table, too. After the whole wait I was ready to battle and battle I did, as my opponent wonm123 was hitting flops like crazy…he rivered me good two or three times…so I was down to 1k chips four times, before the decisive hand: I had battle my way back to 2.2k chips and hold 66, I push, he calls with AQ…66 holds up and I’m now up 4.5k to 1.5k soon after that he pushes with Q4…I call with K10 and win to advance to round 3. Sires put on a hard fight, but couldn’t get anything going his way either, he busted out in 77th place.
Round 3 was more or less the fastest HU game I’ve ever played: first three hands I get dealt the tourist (A7), AQ and KJ…my opponent donschmitz folds all three hands. In the fourth hand I get dealt A3 on the button…I min raises…lol…he calls…flop comes down 2-5-J…he checks…I check…turn is a 4 giving me the wheel…he bets 2k…I push…he calls and shows 5-4 for two pair…no rescue on the river (3) and I bust him…after the whooping playing time of 2 minutes in this match.

I sit around and wait slightly under an hour until the next match in round 4 starts. We’re now down to the last 32 and we’re all sitting on 12k in chips. Back and fourth for some minutes, but I can’t get anything going…when I hit piece of the flop (mid pair) I push…to my dismay he calls with 65, two pair and IGHN…bluff0r moves on to the last 16. Edit: bluff0r took it down and will be one of the players representing Team Germany. So at least I lost to the eventual winner…:Edit
So I finished 28th of 143. Not a bad showing, but I really wanted to win this one…ah well…at least I made it pasted the first few rounds. What sucked though is that I was in the tourney for over 3hours and I played the total amount of 52 minutes (0minutes R1, 40minutes R2, 2 minutes R3, 10 minutes R4)…

28th place

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