Go shorty, it’s your birthday
Monday April 17th 2006, 1:24 am
Filed under: Full Tilt Poker,No-Limit Hold'em,S&G

Yup, today (already past midnight here, so it’s April 17th) is my birthday! So I guess I won’t squeeze to many hands in over the day or night, so I played a little now…4 SnGs…1x 1st, 2x 2nd, 1x 4th…Nice…I guess the poker gods are in a giving mood as it’s my birthday 😉

Alrighty…I’m outta here…a now 28 year old git shouldn’t be online at 2:30am… 😉

Catch you all on tuesday (WWdN)…


Happy Birthday!!

Comment by President Dave Leee 04.17.06 @ 2:39 pm


Happy birthday to you!

Comment by Wes 04.17.06 @ 8:23 pm


Happy 28 to you!

Comment by slimeface 04.17.06 @ 9:22 pm


Happy Freaking Birthday! Nice to run across another April B-day (I’m the 12th). Party it up!

Comment by iamhoff 04.17.06 @ 10:05 pm


Woohoo! Thanks again all, birthday almost over…had a good time with family and friends…I’ll probably catch you all tomorrow at the WWdN

Comment by Ingoal 04.17.06 @ 10:29 pm