Open the gates…
Tuesday April 18th 2006, 1:14 am
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…let the donkeys in, but watch out and don’t let them run you over (too many times).

Played some SnGs (4 single table on FullTilt, 2 two table on PokerStars, 1 single table at UB) after coming back from my birthday bash. The only success I had was a second place on UltimateBet, all other finishes were outside the money (4th, 7th, 9th, 9th at FullTilt, 10th and 18th on Stars) – hands of the day: KK vs A4o and KK vs A9o…donks raise, I reraise and/or push All-In…they insta-call like they were holding the stone cold nuts…sure enough their donkey play is rewarded when an Ace hits the board….what to do, what to do?!

Hand History:
Seat 1: nokhead (2,060)
Seat 2: ak_girl18 (1,590)
Seat 3: pokerfan007 (1,455), is sitting out
Seat 4: Lewdini (1,765)
Seat 5: Danegus (1,395)
Seat 6: Ingoal (1,420)
Seat 7: BigRedDanK (1,675)
Seat 8: JBHAWKEYES (1,420)
Seat 9: gsrob (720)
JBHAWKEYES posts the small blind of 25
gsrob posts the big blind of 50
The button is in seat #7
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Ingoal [Kd Kh]
nokhead folds
ak_girl18 folds
pokerfan007 folds
Lewdini calls 50
Danegus raises to 150
Ingoal raises to 1,420, and is all in
BigRedDanK folds
gsrob folds
Lewdini folds
Danegus calls 1,245, and is all in
Ingoal shows [Kd Kh]
Danegus shows [As 9c]
Uncalled bet of 25 returned to Ingoal
*** FLOP *** [Qd Ad 7h]
*** TURN *** [Qd Ad 7h] [Qs]
*** RIVER *** [Qd Ad 7h Qs] [4d]
Ingoal shows two pair, Kings and Queens
Danegus shows two pair, Aces and Queens
Danegus wins the pot (2,915) with two pair, Aces and Queens

On one hand all the donkeys playing are really good for all of us, as they’re the main source of the money that goes into our pockets, but on the other hand they’re the ones taking the money from us (in the short run) and what is even more important is that they’re getting to us, or is it just me? – I guess it’s gotta be so much easier to be a donkey from a mental point of view: if you win (with the best hand, by sucking out, who cares?) you’re the king of the world, if you lose there’s always tomorrow and nothing to worry about…after all you didn’t put much effort into your play, so why worry? One thing’s for sure though: I don’t want to be a donkey, I’m in it to win it – although “winning” is hard to define: basically I like the equation “up amount/percentage x over amount of time y where x -> infinity and y > some months/years. Variance is part of poker, so the reality is that you can’t win every hand, but it’s still hard to accept when you’re losing a big hand to a donkey, yet again.

In the end it all comes down to the fact that luck or “getting lucky/sucking out” is just another facet of poker – after all this is the fuel that drives the donkeys: if they were punished for their donkey play at all times, there would be no donkeys left in the games soon enough, as they couldn’t win many hands – let me rephrase that to they could win as many hands, but (almost) no big pots!

Now that I’ve got that off my chest I’ll do what I do best: vent (done with this post), log off for today and come back with a vengeance tomorrow….heeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaw! 😉


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