Donkey is what donkey does
Sunday April 23rd 2006, 11:49 pm
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After the long poker evening yesterday I didn’t feel like playing a lot of poker today, so only two SnGs…both of them donkey, one 1$ one 5$ though. Busted out of the 1$ pretty quickly, so all the hopes were with the second one. After a long drag we’re down to four handed and the donkey on my left keeps getting lucky against me…I’m the short stack, then I double up from the donk…next hand I’m the SB, he’s the BB…I look down at 33…I decide to push as 1.) he can’t have good cards all the time 2.) it’s probably a race at best for him…then FullTilt is nice enough to propel J7s to victory when the river double pairs the board…damn you donkey…there, I said it…damn you, donkey! You might be 15 bucks richer now that you sucked out on the two other players, too (e.g. K7 vs KQ – 7 on the river), but you’re still a donkey. Preach! 😉
Hand of the day, presented by lucky donkshit dastard (TM) and the catch-phrases “But they were s0000ted!” and “At least I had outs…”[which is true in this case, he had many post-flop]:

Lucky dastard


Actually, J7s is a favorite over 33 (if 33 does not share the same suit). So not really a suckout, but still a terrible call.

Comment by Wes 04.24.06 @ 12:29 am


Yup, you’re right about that one, roughly 49.7 to 49.0, after the flop he had the flush and gutshot draw (equity shift to roughly 36/64, turn 57/43, river 0/100), so it was basically a question of which out would hit…but for once I thought that the river would be kind…(it wouldn’t have set me off if a J, 7, 8 or spade would have hit…but double pairing the board…that hurt, especially as he called of 90% (over 2k) of his stack to protect his BB (200) – I know that I could have a) layed down the hand, b) raised a smaller amount (although he would have called anyway…and again on the flop, so I guess a) would have been my best option as it was a coin-flip at best…))…

On another note: you gotta love a poker blog…without this place to vent after junk kickings (in donkey tourneys for a few bucks), I would probably go nuts over this crap someday…thanks to all the readers for even putting up with my rants 🙂

Comment by Ingoal 04.24.06 @ 12:49 am


Those beats really do suck, to have a made hand rendered useless by 2 pair on the board. Rant on!

Comment by iamhoff 04.25.06 @ 11:35 pm


Yup, sure does….soooo rigged…that reminds me: something similar happened at my last final table of my live game some days ago…66 vs KJo…board: A10A-x-10…lucky enough for me that I folded my crap preflop so it wasn’t me getting sucked out on…

Comment by Ingoal 04.26.06 @ 12:29 am