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Wednesday April 26th 2006, 3:39 am
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Well, I missed the DADI 5 yesterday. I really wanted to play, but there were a couple of reasons why I decided against playing. What were they? The starting time (3am) combined with the double stack format (which is a good thing, but not if the tourney starts at 3am, because it’ll mean a loooong tourney and if you want to win you can be sure that it’s going to last longer than 4 hours at best…)…add my (still) micro bankroll to that picture and you’ll have an idea why I didn’t play…although the fact that I don’t even know if I’ve got the time to make a trip at WSOP time shouldn’t be left out of the picture either…but enough of the “excuses”…I didn’t signup.

Not much poker going on today as I’m still a little exhausted from the live game on saturday. Yes, exhausted! It’s a good thing that we’re not playing all that often as the live game just is a little bit more intense than the online game – after all you can’t jump out of your seat if you’re holding the nuts, you don’t want to give up tells, but spot some in return, so cautiousness along with tension and calculation is needed at all times. So I just played some Blackjack (what?!) on Absolute and promptly donked off my last few bucks I had on AbsolutePoker – damn, I’m really going to stay away from Pokerrooms offering sidegames like video poker or blackjack from this day on: I busted my bankroll playing video poker on Titan, now I donk off my remaining funds with BlackJack on Absolute. Nooo goot! 😉

After that I headed over to FullTilt to play some donkey SnGs…couldn’t really focus in the first one and quickly busted myself…so I tried a 45person SnG and that didn’t start to well either, I lost all but 50 chips within the first orbit (12 outs weren’t enough again). Next hand I look down at KK and quadruple up. Then I went on a fold or push spree and worked my way back into the game, partly due to an orbit of an extreme card rush (I held QQ three times, JJ, AK, AQ within one orbit). I stole blinds and grinded my way up to over 4k chips before losing two coin flips in a row to find myself under 1k again. Then it was time to either double up again or bust and bust I did…99 vs AQ…10JQK8…what I nice board…if and only if my opponent hadn’t held that damn Ace 😉

So I bust out in 13th place…play some decent poker for over an hour though…so that’ll have to do for today….

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