Lots of poker…
Friday April 28th 2006, 2:25 am
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…nothing to show for it… 🙁

Played numerous SnGs and MTTs at both FullTilt and PokerStars…and after hours of good play I’m down…sometimes I hate the whole MTT and SnG thing…ah well…better luck tomorrow, hopefully 😉


Yeah, we all hit those bad runs once in a while. I’ve just now finally started running well again after a short break, mostly thanks to the fishy PartyPoker cash games. You’ll pull out of it soon enough.

Comment by kaellinn18 04.28.06 @ 9:33 pm


Yeah and I’m not running all that bad…it’s just a minor slump…for now I’ll just switch back to some cash games to (hopefully) get (some of) my dough back…then I’m back in the SnG/MTT hunt 🙂

Comment by Ingoal 04.29.06 @ 12:57 am