Don’t hate the player, hate the game
Saturday April 29th 2006, 2:08 am
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I don’t hate either one…well…that’s a lie…I hate the game at times and I friggin hate some players! No, there’s no rant ahead as I did well today. No major wins or losses, but some hands that made me chuckle. I went back to the roots and played some ring games today…left the fancy plays and “hmm…I have outs” sort of hands at home and did well. After the fun of playing good poker and winning I tried some SnGs again – only two…one ITM, one bubble…so not too shabby.

What made me chuckle? Scenario: I lose almost all my chips (50 left) when my A10s runs into AJo, held by the player on my immediate left. We’re down to three handed…so I had to give it a shot…well…I go ahead and win 7 hands in a row…and I’m back at over 1.500 chips, but still short stacked. I’m on the button and I look down at Ah10h…hmm….okay…here I go…player on my immediate left calls again…wtf?….he shows? Yup, you’ve guessed it…AJo…can you believe that? …and then, as if that wasn’t enough, he flops trip Jacks…turn and river 1010…lol…boat over boat…what a nice way to go 😉

Screenshot of that hand, presented by the phrase “The deck has no memory, or has it?”:


Alrighty…I’m outta here…time to start reading “Killer Poker Online” (see current reading on the left), which was delivered today 🙂

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