180s and other SnGs
Wednesday May 03rd 2006, 1:40 am
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First of all: it seems that Pokerstars is finally running the 4$ 180 SnGs around the clock, at least for now:

4$ - 180s around the clock, for now

Played two of them today – did well in the first try and busted out on some suckout that I have blocked from my memory to finish in 47th place. The second one was at least as painful, but at least the suckout came early…AQo vs Q5o…Q5 hit two pair…and IGHN…after two hands…nice…NOT.

Played some more SnGs over at Full Tilt (3rd, 5th, 6th) and one at UltimateBet (1st)…so overall I’m not all that disappointed, but the first Stars 180 still hurts…it’s always tough if you’ve been playing for almost 2h just to bust out on a donkey hand…ah well…off to recharge…damn and now I missed the WWdN by a few minutes…hmm…I see that Wil is already out (65th of 65…ouch)…alrighty…gl to the rest…I’m off to catch some sleep….

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