Sngs are weird sometimes
Sunday May 07th 2006, 2:52 am
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The title says it all: SnGs are weird sometimes, sometimes even positively weird. I just finished playing a SnG at PokerStars and what can I say, I did my part at the first table (it was a two table SnG) to make it to the final table in a healthy position, then all hell broke loose – positive?! (Yup, hell broke loose on the other players).

First I doubled up with AKs vs AQo…then the chipleader took over and knocked out player after player until we were down to three handed, without me playing a single hand in the mean time. I’m on the button and look down at 4 high…fold…SB (around 6k) pops it up, the chipleader/BB pops it right back…the SB isn’t really commited yet, but he pushes…the BB ponders and calls…SB = 23o, BB = K10o…lol!!! And we’re down to heads up and the monster chip leader by now has knocked out all the other players at the final table…I can’t expect to do any damage with 1.7k vs 25k+ (difference between 2nd and 1st was only 2.x$ anyway)…so we do a quick all-in and I finish in second.

Nice….this is the first time that another player did all the work and I’m finishing that high 🙂

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