Wednesday May 10th 2006, 4:03 am
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Didn’t get around to posting anything the last two days, well, there wasn’t much going on anyway…some SnGs…so nothing big missed there.

Today I decided to play some late night poker, yet again. I started the session with a turbo SnG and won, w00t. Just as it was about to finish I noticed that the WWdN was about to start, so I jumped in.

My starting table featured the host himself:

starting table wwdn rmgustaf invitational

Groovy stuff. Played tight, didn’t take any chances and was able to hover in the top 20-25 for most of the time. No suckouts or anything until the dreaded hand came up (I can’t even remember the exact hand, but I think it was my AQo vs QJ, AQx on the flop, 10 on the turn, K on the river…runner runner goodness…yuck!) – it didn’t cripple me, but it put me right back into the average field, so it sucked, but hey…it’s poker… Then I had the “honor” of busting out Wil. My J10 flopped a pair of Jacks, KJx all diamonds though, check check, turn 10, I bet 300…now Wil only has 505 left, so he goes into the tank…at that time I put him on a flush draw, which was true, he pushed with As7d, I called and dodged another diamond on the river…w00t…presenting the Ingoal invitational (although Wil wrote it “InGoal”…):

WWdN Ingoal invitational

W00t! After Wil busted I kept playing my tight game and it really worked well…until the blinds kept increasing and I just couldn’t get anything going against all the big stacks – and if I had a decent to good hand I didn’t get any customers…ah well…too bad. Out bubble+1 = 11th…not too shabby 😉

During current Hold’em session you were dealt 181 hands and saw flop:
– 9 out of 24 times while in big blind (37%)
– 2 out of 24 times while in small blind (8%)
– 6 out of 133 times in other positions (4%)
– a total of 17 out of 181 (9%)
Pots won at showdown – 6 of 10 (60%)
Pots won without showdown – 18

I’m really satisfied with my performance, but the same thing that got me that far broke my back in the end: playing (too) tight…I guess I should have been a little more lose come bubble time… alrighty…off to watch the other guys battle it out….6 left….and then it’s off to bed…already past 5am…yikes!


Nice work Ingoal. Good to see you play some late night poker again.

Comment by Garthmeister J. 05.10.06 @ 9:21 pm


Thanks, even nicer work by you…Mr Final-table 😉

It was good to finally play “with the guys (and gals)” again 🙂

Comment by Ingoal 05.11.06 @ 12:06 am