You know that you’re in bad shape if…
Sunday May 21st 2006, 3:32 am
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  1. Every hand you make is only second best…
  2. Noone is giving you credit for your good hands, ultimately drawing out time and time again with incorrect odds
  3. Examples for 1.: 79 in the BB flop 6-8-10 rainbow, turn x, river 10…opponent’s hand? 10-8o; K9 in the BB…flop 10-J-Q rainbow, turn and river x…opponent’s hand? AKo
  4. Examples for 2.: 1010 EP, 5BB raise…one caller…flop 910x all spades, huge bet, call, turn x, huge bet, call, river x of spades…All-In…call…sure enough the dude is holding As9c – didn’t my huge bets make it clear that I had a hand…were the odds correct to draw to a runner flush? Probably not…; 88 in LP, 4BB raise, flop 8xx…you know the drill…turn: x…you know the drill…river Q…you know the drill….opponent’s hand? QQ…sigh…

But what can you do and now that this is off my chest I can breathe again. Why did I continue to play all that time? Because I was hoping to get lucky in the 5 billionth hand stuff on Stars…didn’t work out…no joy in getting dough off the table, no joy getting dough in the 5 billionth hand giveaway…ah well…at least I finally had a dqb-moment again..first in a very long time

 DQB - dem quads beetches

…and I closed out the session with a SnG win at UltimateBet…so there’s that silver lining on the horizon again 🙂

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