For all the doubters
Wednesday May 24th 2006, 1:17 am
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Title says it all: for all those who doubt the power of the hammer, even the s00ted one…

sooted hammer

…and yes, this was my only suckout of the SnG: I was outchipped roughly 1:3 and what are you supposed to do with a s00ted hammer? Let it ride! It worked too as you’ve seen in the pic above. I took down the win in the next two hands (A8s vs KJ, Q4 vs J2)…and no, I don’t feel guilty about the suckout…it brought the suckout/getting sucked out on counter to 1:1 (I lost AQ vs A8 earlier at the final table)… 🙂

Side note: That’s 3 wins in the last 3 SnGs…and every time I came back from a chip deficit (1:3, 1:6, 1:3)…and believe it or not…this was really the only suckout in such a situation…making the right decisions and see them pay off (aka running good) rocks 😉


Respect the hammer, even if it is s00ted! Nicely played! Congrats on the wins. Wish I was running that nicely. Gotta get the b/r off of life support.

Comment by iamhoff 05.24.06 @ 1:50 am


Well, you’ll be doing fine again sooner or later, just look at me…I was running ultra-bad the last few weeks and now I’m finally into the groove mode….so hang in there hoff!

Comment by Ingoal 05.24.06 @ 4:35 pm