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Monday May 29th 2006, 3:39 am
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First of all let’s do the pimpin: Just in time, too…tomorrow evening/night is the next DADI event…DADI 6, Pot Limit Hold’em…if you’ve got the time, play it! I’m not sure if I’m going to make it, the starting time of 10pm (= 4am over here) is a little bit late…so don’t be disappointed if I’m not there…all useful infos in the pic below…

DADI6 - Pot Limit

After that is out of the way let me make a request:

I’m an avid reader of many, many poker blogs and usually I’m an avid commenter, too. But some blogs don’t allow me, or many others for that matter, to comment at all. Why? Because the comments are only open to users of the blogger platform. Well, some of you might say that I should just get a blogger account and that’s that – I need to disagree here as I don’t want to setup a empty/fake site just for commenting on other blogs, especially as people won’t find anything useful there and I like to have a link to my site if I comment somewhere (I don’t care about PR or whatever on this site, it’s my passion and not a business site, so what it comes down to is – if I comment, ppl should be able to find my site.)

Why do I even care? Because it sucks that you’re reading good stuff about strategy, disappointments and big achievements (i.e. Hoyazo aka HammerPlayer winning the 40k on Party, etc) and you can’t give your 0.02$ or congratulate the person…so please, do as Chuck says:

Chuck says...

Not sure if Chuck is talking about you? Some blogs immediately come to mind and there are many that I’m too lazy to single out atm, you know who you are…

…some blogs excluding non-blogger broggers:

Edit: Alright, I give up – if you find new comments on your blog which originate from ingoalscommentaccount.blogspot.com you know who they’re from 😉

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