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Monday May 29th 2006, 3:39 am
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First of all let’s do the pimpin: Just in time, too…tomorrow evening/night is the next DADI event…DADI 6, Pot Limit Hold’em…if you’ve got the time, play it! I’m not sure if I’m going to make it, the starting time of 10pm (= 4am over here) is a little bit late…so don’t be disappointed if I’m not there…all useful infos in the pic below…

DADI6 - Pot Limit

After that is out of the way let me make a request:

I’m an avid reader of many, many poker blogs and usually I’m an avid commenter, too. But some blogs don’t allow me, or many others for that matter, to comment at all. Why? Because the comments are only open to users of the blogger platform. Well, some of you might say that I should just get a blogger account and that’s that – I need to disagree here as I don’t want to setup a empty/fake site just for commenting on other blogs, especially as people won’t find anything useful there and I like to have a link to my site if I comment somewhere (I don’t care about PR or whatever on this site, it’s my passion and not a business site, so what it comes down to is – if I comment, ppl should be able to find my site.)

Why do I even care? Because it sucks that you’re reading good stuff about strategy, disappointments and big achievements (i.e. Hoyazo aka HammerPlayer winning the 40k on Party, etc) and you can’t give your 0.02$ or congratulate the person…so please, do as Chuck says:

Chuck says...

Not sure if Chuck is talking about you? Some blogs immediately come to mind and there are many that I’m too lazy to single out atm, you know who you are…

…some blogs excluding non-blogger broggers:

Edit: Alright, I give up – if you find new comments on your blog which originate from ingoalscommentaccount.blogspot.com you know who they’re from 😉

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I’d say about 10-15% of the blogs out there don’t allow commentary. Some of those likely just don’t have their settings the way they think they are, but others are well… odd.

I consider it a mite pretentious to have a blog and intentionally not accept commentary — though there are circumstances where a third party or an unnamed sponsor is running the site, and that’s why comments are disabled. As for me, I have no problem hitting the “delete” key if people comment and I find it objectional, though to date I’ve only had to do it to a handful of generic blog spammers.

Comment by Haley 05.29.06 @ 3:50 am


If you saw the anonymous comments I tend to get, you’d require them to login to something….

Comment by dugglebogey 05.29.06 @ 4:32 am


Haley: Well, I dislike blogs that don’t allow comments at all. Maybe it’s just me, but for me a blog is about expression and interaction, if you leave the interaction part behind it’s just another news site…as for my request: I’m talking about the blogs that allow comments, but just from a “single source” (blogger accounts)…and now that Duggle has replied too, I see why some are not opening up the comment sections…

Duggle: Well, that’s a problem that all bloggers have to face. I get up to 150 spam comments per day (technorati, google, etc loves gaming/gambling related content, so the good ol’ casino games spam is a daily PITA), but I don’t worry, with two mouse-clicks they’re all gone as WordPress along with some antispam extension is holding them all back in moderation…I’m not all that familiar with the blogger platform, but there got to be some way to fight of the biggest spam, too – if not with the internal tools, than with something like HaloScan?!

Comment by Ingoal 05.29.06 @ 1:26 pm


Unfortunately, Blogger has no easy way to deal with spam (aside from deleting messages, one by one by one). The combination of requiring a blogger account and using the captcha images reduces my spam to almost zero. Not to minimalize your frustration, but there are more spammers than there are people bothered by having a “dummy” blogger account. Why not create a blogger account with a blog that has one post – a link to your real blog? 🙂 Maybe someday I’ll convert hellaholdem to WordPress (my preferred blogging software), but until then, blogger it is…

Comment by Shelly 05.29.06 @ 10:03 pm


Deleting them one by one? Really? Alrighty then…way to go blogger…lol…

I guess I’ll have to go down the empty blogger account route then…thanks for the feedback Shelly! 🙂

Comment by Ingoal 05.29.06 @ 11:16 pm


Hey Ingoal, FYI I never intentionally chose to exclude non-blogger commenters (or anyone else for that matter), and I have no clue how one would go about fixing that or changing it in any way. I’ll look around, but I’m not looking to exclude anyone from commenting on my blog. If I can change it I will.

Comment by Hoyazo aka The Hammer Player 05.30.06 @ 1:15 am


Hey there Hoyazo,

no worries…I’ve given in to Shelly’s advice – after all I don’t want to create problems for people, so if opening up the comments is putting spam-galore on people I’m fine with sticking to the status quo. FYI: I’ve created a dummy blogger account now, so I can comment on the blogs – my comments will lead people to ingoalscommentaccount.blogspot.com where they’ll find a link to my real blog 😉

On another note: it seems that most people in the pokerblogging community are using the blogger platform, so it’s no surprise that it didn’t occur to most bloggers (yet), that there are people left out…

On yet another note: I’ve been working on a “solution” for quite a while now, but I’m still not finished. The idea behind it was/is to offer people the best blogging platform available (IMHO WordPress!!!) as an alternative to the blogger platform – free and easy…no strings attached. Pokerbloggist.com was/is the result, it’s still on hold though, as I’m still fighthing with the main problem, which is the (semi)automation part – signup, setup and maintenance shouldn’t be a hassle for the users and me. So for the time being the best shot to get a decent blog with full featured antispam solution in place, etc etc, for free is WordPress.com (the hosted service of WordPress.org), you’ll get WordPress hosted, up and running for free…then again this whole thing, both pokerbloggist.com and wordpress.com won’t be the real deal to many people anyway – I’ve got no clue who wants to switch from his/her established blog to another domain/subdomain at all, etc?! So for the time being, I’ll just use the dummy blogger account for commenting on the blogs that allow comments from blogger members and that’s that… 🙂

Comment by Ingoal 05.30.06 @ 3:34 am


Chuck made me laugh.

Comment by TripJax 05.31.06 @ 3:13 pm

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