WWdN – Luckbox edition
Wednesday May 31st 2006, 3:33 am
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No luckboxing for me though…early on I took down a nice pot when my pocket queens hit trips on the flop. Shortly thereafter I standard raise from EP with AQo…smokkee in LP pushes…now I’m faced with a decision – either fold…or give it my best shot, I put him on something like Ax/A10/AJ or a small to middle pair…so I call and he shows 1010…fair enough…Q on the flop…but there’s a 9 too…J on the turn….hmm…what might the river bring? Yup, a King giving him the nut straight…dang…and I’m down to 720 in chips…

A few hands later I pick up AKo in EP…I push….smokkee is nice enough to call me with AJo…K on the flop…a little scary that he’s holding the Ac…but this time there are “only” three clubs on the board and I’m back in the game. Then I’m literally card dead…and when I’m down to around 800 chips again I reraise All-In after a standard raise of the current chipleader (dsheep)…he calls…my QhJh vs his K10o…King on the flop and I’m out in 38 of 66 🙁
Ah well…had my fun, had the chance to chat with the guys again, so I’m not too frustrated…


  1. Aces seen at my table – 3 times
  2. Aces cracked by smaller pocket pair – 2 times
  3. Aces holding up vs KK – 1 time; in this very hand I should have played my 35o, lol, flop A35…turn blank…river 3…man, that would have been the bad beat of the year 😉
  4. Times Wil busted with KK – in this tourney: once; recently: 3 times if I’m not mistaken…ouch….

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