PokerStars junk kicking reloaded
Tuesday June 06th 2006, 1:20 am
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Only managed to squeeze in a little poker yesterday (1 SnG – 3rd place finish) and today (3 SnGs – 1 bubble, 2 earlier exits). Sometimes you’re in the junk-kicking-zone (yesterday) and sometimes you’re in the getting-a-junk-kicking-zone (today). Played the first two table SnG and really played well. When we were down to 5 handed (4 ITM), I just couldn’t catch a break and had to take a shot, missed, no biggie. Then I watch some movies and relax a little, come back, fire up PokerStars and play two SnGs at the same time. Everything looking good until I catch three hands in a row:

  1. KK in LP…one early raiser, one caller behind him…then folded around to me…Push…orginal raiser calls…shows AJ….flop AJx and IGHN
  2. Parallel to the first hand I catch 77, medium sized stack on the button raises…folded around to me…I ponder and decide to give it a go…push…he calls…shows Q10o (?!)…flop J78…turn the case 9, river 5…
    Don't ever forget to wear your titanium cup
  3. In the very next hand I look down at As6s…I’m now short stacked and decide to push on the button as there was only one limper so far…he calls…shows KcKh..yuck…flop Ac Jd Jc 🙂 …turn Qc…oh oh….river 6c…and IGHN…
    Don't ever forget to wear your titanium cup

Enough Stars for today…let’s see if I can get some revenge on the other rooms…

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