WWdN – Katitude Invitational
Wednesday June 07th 2006, 4:28 am
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Well…played for nearly 2h…was card dead most of the time, but when I was in with a hand, I mostly won. Didn’t receive any help on my last hand though AJo vs JJ and finished in 21st (of 69).

Side notes:

  1. I’ve seen Wil drop the hammer 3 times with the first hour
  2. I’ve seen xkm1245 play the hammer almost to perfection – he boated up on the turn 🙂
  3. I’ve seen Luckbox sucking out a chop (vs Waffles)…
  4. I’ve seen Luckbox winning a monster pot and he was ahead the whole time…
  5. What more can you ask from a tourney? 😉

During current Hold’em session you were dealt 165 hands and saw flop:
– 10 out of 21 times while in big blind (47%)
– 4 out of 21 times while in small blind (19%)
– 4 out of 123 times in other positions (3%)
– a total of 18 out of 165 (10%)
Pots won at showdown – 5 of 7 (71%)
Pots won without showdown – 6

Looking at those stats, you could think that I was Mr. Tighty McTight…but what can you do if you hold stuff like 36o, 46o and K4o (7 times) all night? Especially hawesome if you’re looking down at monsters like 23o, 24o, 26o all the time when you’re in the blinds… 😉

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