Hammer and Kill’em all
Thursday June 08th 2006, 4:23 am
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Poker can be excruciating pain, but on the other hand it can be so funny that you need all your concetration not to wet yourself. Tonight’s session was a mix of both. Always ugly to bubble two times in a row, but hey, that’s poker too – if someone’s winning, someone gotta lose. At least I had some good things coming my way to end the session:

  1. Getting mighty shortstacked on the bubble – sucks
  2. Getting the hammer and dropping it taking down a pot – priceless 😉
  3. Still bubbling – sucks…


After that hammer experience with the inevitable bubble I played one of my favourite SnGs – 5$, 1 Table, Shorthanded, Top 2 ITM. What can I say? I totally owned the table and knocked out every single player. Yup, every single one of them. The first to eliminations were a little weird. I hold QQ…flop comes all rags with a long shot straight draw (only if someone played low cards and was extremely lucky)…good for me that one played his Ace rag which hit top-pair like gold, the other one was really on a gutshot – I don’t know what he’s thinking as this was at the 10/20 blind level 5 minutes into the SnG? Even better that noone connected on the blank turn and river and I tripled up. The next one was even better…I hold AJ and raise it up in LP. Two callers. Flop AA4…one of the callers pushes, the other folds. Now I know that I’m only behind if he really has AK or AQ…so I call…he shows A2..he doesn’t improve and bang, we’re down to three. One of the remaining three was ultra-tight, no position raises, always calling, always folding to a bet. He was out after some rounds and we’re ITM. I’m up around 2.5 to 1 in chips and although he wins a nice pot I push right back and it’s basically a done deal as I flop the nut flush. He bets into me and I get maximum value. I’m now up almost 4 to 1 and it’s all over a few hands later. This is really the first time I knocked out every single one of my opponents. The sweet taste of the bright side of variance I guess – groovy stuff.

Kill all!

Sidenote: Second time I played this format, the second win. I know that that’s not a representative sample yet, but I might found my new game of choice…we’ll see… 🙂

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