Hammer time…
Saturday June 10th 2006, 2:28 pm
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After I had written the last post early this morning, I felt the pressure and anger go away. So I decided to play two more SnGs. Sure enough I didn’t change anything about my approach – play a small range of hands, always considering position and when in a hand and hitting, bet the living jebus out of them. Sure enough it worked this time and I finished ITM twice in a row (2nd, 3rd). The turning point was the following hand which put me into the chiplead and lead to a 2nd place finish.

I’m in the SB, UTG folds, button calls, I call, BB checks. Pot is 1200. Flop comes down 8-7-3 rainbow. I push my remaining chips in the middle. BB ponders and calls. Button goes over the top to push the BB all-in, he calls. Showdown: button K8o, BB J7s, Me 73s – s00ted canadian hammer baby! Turn is a 6. River is a 7, giving me the lovely s00ted-almost-the-hammer-boat and w00t 5.3k in chips. Ooooh the sweet taste of winning a pot with the hammer, even if it’s s00ted and only almost the real hammer 😉

On another note: they both didn’t know what hit’em, but hey, I was in the SB, had two live cards, so why not give it a discounted look 😉

S00ted canadian hammer boat

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