One day pause and back to the usual crap
Tuesday June 13th 2006, 4:44 am
Filed under: Full Tilt Poker,No-Limit Hold'em,S&G

I didn’t have any urge to play poker yesterday, as I spent my day on the couch watching the footie world cup and then NBA Finals at night. Goooo Dirk.

Basically much of the same today, minus the NBA Finals, after all they don’t resume play until tomorrow night. So I fired up FullTilt for some relaxing SnG action, although the relaxing part almost turned into the tilty part pretty quickly. Kings cracked by sixes, hmm…thanks, which basically let me tilt of the next SnG. Then in the third one I thought it was all over again, after I pushed my AKs into AA. Always lovely to see two category A hands in a 3 handed game. I thought my way back though. I’m in the BB and Mr. Pushmonkey on the button, he min-raises which more often than not spells Aces or rag Ace, depending on the situation. The SB folds and I read it to be a rag ace and called. Let’s say I was giving it a shot, as calling the min-raise put around 25% of my stack into the middle. Flop comes 4-4-A. Perfect, I check…he bets double the pot. I push…he calls…he shows A5…turn and river are blank…and all the chips come my way. What did I hold? Snowman’s sailboat…yup, that’s 84o…lol…from that point on I just kept bullying the weak tight player until he busted and when I was headsup with Mr. Aggression-Monkey it was over pretty soon, couldn’t catch anything and he ran away with it. I still feel good about my play, although I’m officially folding Kings preflop next time…or maybe not… 😉

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