World Blogger Championship of Online Poker (WBCOOP)
Monday June 19th 2006, 12:56 am
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So, I played the World Blogger Championship of Online Poker or the WBCOOP tonight. 2246 fellow blogger joined me to make up a field of 2247 hammer dropping festival of suckouts, resuckouts, nice hands and bad beats.

Early on I was pretty lonely at my table as 5 of the 9 players sat out. I guess that the WBCOOP on father’s day (at least in the US) was enough to keep several dozens/hundreds players away from the felt. I didn’t care though as I began to build up my stack with several nice flops and good starting hands. It was a total of 46 minutes until I had the pleasure to drop my first hammer – and let’s be honest here, what would a World Blogger Championship be without the occasional hammer dropping?


Nothing much to report in the next roughly 15 minutes, until the last hand before the first break, I hold 1010 and I pop it up to 3BB…one caller is willing to see a flop of KQ10 with me…I push…he calls (I got him more than covered)…he shows Kxo…nice…the turn K makes me hold my breath, but the river is blank and I rack up a nice pot to head into the break.

Boated up with TT

As we’re heading into the break I’m well over the average…107 hands played, largest: 26450, average: 3002, smallest 5…I’m 151st of the 1497 remaining players.

I didn’t take notes in the second hour, but there were some good hands early on which put me slightly over 8k, just be down again after some hands didn’t connect at all. So we head into the second break and I’m 284th of the 350 remaining, sitting on a measly just under 5k in chips…largest: 50570, average: 12840, small 500.

Two orbits after the break I’m out. I sit in MP with AA, nice. No limpers in front of me, I push, monster stack goes over the top…the blinds fold. He shows 33…you should know what happens next…

AA lost to 33, what else is new...

So I go home in 273rd. Sigh…

Side notes:

  1. Played solid poker
  2. Outlasted many players (including CJ (aka the luckbox) and Wil, who had to surrender after sucking out on, let’s say, “a few occasions” before busting)…
  3. I’m going to watch the others battle it out now as some players that are no strangers at the usual blogger tourneys are still in there (Ryan/Absinthe, on_thg, GRob, Frankl, dnasty13, Columbo, RoccoBoxer, Dave (yestbay1), BillRini and maybe some that I missed, sorry)…
  4. Dave finished 26th – congrats and have fun with your brand new m-pod 😉
  5. I knew I had missed someone….StudioGlyphic scored! Final table baby, out in 6th…Vegas baby! Congrats!

Final Stats:

During current Hold’em session you were dealt 234 hands and saw flop:
– 8 out of 27 times while in big blind (29%)
– 6 out of 26 times while in small blind (23%)
– 14 out of 181 times in other positions (7%)
– a total of 28 out of 234 (11%)
Pots won at showdown – 6 of 8 (75%)
Pots won without showdown – 25

Thanks PokerStars for the nice tourney and prices. Thanks to Otis for the live-blogging!

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