Frustrating wait…
Thursday June 29th 2006, 4:39 am
Filed under: Full Tilt Poker,MTT,No-Limit Hold'em,S&G,Tournaments

As I was waiting for the PokerSavvy Freeroll on (for 1000$) to start I played some SnGs on FullTilt, no joy. Then I play the freeroll and after catching some cards early on I basically go on a card diet for a long time, then I try to make a stand with A10 but that was no match for KQ…down but not out…that would be the case in the next hand 99 no good. Oh well…18th out of 36…boooo! Nontheless thanks to Matt from PokerSavvy (aff) for hooking us up with a 1k freeroll!
On another note: only the top 5 payed (400/250/150/120/80) which was a cooler anyway after two players already sitting on 6k stacks (1k starting stack) after under 40 minutes…3 of the known faces in the top six Mookie bubbled, FishyMcDonk went out in 4th and Wes came back to take the win and 400$, nice one….

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