DADI7 – or suck donkey balls, damn it!
Friday June 30th 2006, 5:19 am
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Man, I’m steamin now…not god friggin unbelievable like tuff_fish 😉 but still steaming. Once again I play good poker for 2 hours, then one damn donk hand and I’m out, in 11th place no less (9 ITM). Sox raises 3BB (blinds 200/400) from the button…I call with 99 and I have 1899 left behind…flop comes down J82….I check, he bets 2k. Now I’m thinking…hammer….8x, 2x…I don’t put him on a J…so I call…sure enough he shows K2o…(preflop: 72/27, flop: 79,8/20,2)….turn is a friggin King. Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

Damn it

So no 400VPP for me (bubble price) and sure as hell no money. Cheers dealer, no toke from me….and I’m off…

Almost forgot with all the steam…nontheless thanks to Trip and Jordan for hosting yet another classic DADI! Cya next time….


Good call…tough turn. Hope you feel better now…thanks for playing!


Comment by TripJax 06.30.06 @ 2:22 pm


I saw that hand and it made me wince at the time. Tough break, but well played anyway. I’m in there every time if I don’t think there’s a J or an overpair out there.

Comment by Jestocost 06.30.06 @ 7:04 pm


I saw that beat.. screw Soxy. lol. Good playing with you man.

Comment by sirfwalgman 06.30.06 @ 9:12 pm


Thanks for the kind words…it was the correct play, just a bad break, it happens…and yes, I’m good now…just came back from Stuttgart’s Fan Fest…man…I can’t even begin to describe the whole energy of the crowd once we were down to penalties…and yes…bring it on Italy, semi-finals of the WC it is! W00t!

Comment by Ingoal 07.01.06 @ 12:21 am


It was fun playing with you last night (i am sportingimag on pokerstars).

Comment by cmitch 07.01.06 @ 7:14 am


Thanks! It was fun and thank you for putting up that 215$ token for first place, talk about putting a cherry on top!!! Cya around in the blogger tourneys to come…

Comment by Ingoal 07.01.06 @ 2:52 pm