Why the WSOP mostly sucks so far
Saturday July 08th 2006, 7:43 pm
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Sorry to say that, but the WSOP mostly sucks big time so far. Why? Because there is no tv coverage over here and so I’m relying on the good ol’ internet. Last year I was more than uptodate with the awesome coverage done by the good doctor himself – this year it’s just not the same, because the greedy WSOP dastards sold the rights to report chip-counts etc exclusively.

What a joke! I mean it’s okay to squeeze out every last bit of dough, but please, at least make it right and add to the contract that the coverage has to live up to certain standards (e.g. chip count updates with a lag of several hours is not okay, not listing all players still in contention is not okay, writing two half sentences per half hour is not okay, ..).

One thing’s for sure though, the suits accomplished three things with that move:

  1. The made more dough…
  2. They screwed reporters and photographers who were doing heck of a job in keeping people updated and entertained (guys like Dr. Pauly and probably many others)…
  3. They pissed off fans who don’t have any other means to get “live” (or let’s say “almost real-time”) coverage…

So, “Harrah’s whatever corp or inc” thanks for nothing!

The only upside of this year’s WSOP so far is that people I like (to watch) are going deep and/or even winning bracelets (Rafe Furst, Sam Farha, Phil Ivey (2nd place), Phil Hellmuth (2nd place), …), keep it up guys – too bad that you are not getting the exposure you deserve 🙁

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