Follow-up on the first auctions
Thursday July 13th 2006, 7:35 pm
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As I mentioned in one of my prior post, there were quite some amazing things up for auction at ebay. The crown jewel of this first set of auctions was, at least IMHO, the Phil Gordon package including not only a signed copy of his “Little Green Book”, a signed copy of his DVD “Final table poker” and a signed photograph, but also an one hour phone lesson. Wow! Although I was eager to get my hands on this one, but in the end it was a little over my price range (the winning bid was 321.27$) – still one heck of a steal at this price!

So while I bid in numerous of the other auctions (including the signed photograph by Isabelle “No Mercy” Mercier and Mark Seif’s Jersey) I set my sights on my second favourite item, which would be Daniel Negreanu’s package including a signed T-Shirt, a signed hat and a signed photograph – so basically a three in one deal. I went ahead and put a bid in and to my surprise my “early bluff at the pot” resulted in all of “my opponents’ ” folding.

Daniel Negreanu Package

So I take it down. Nice. Now the only thing between me and the package is finding the best way to ship it to me (to Germany) without it costing a fortune, but I’m sure that Shelly Hokanson and/or Bob Nardi will sort that out for me. I’m so excited that I’m able to help this good cause and receive such great stuff in return, which makes it even more exciting.

I want to take the opportunity to point your attention to the ForPeyton homepage once again and especially to the auctions page as there’s a good chance that there will be more exciting things up for auction in the (near) future! There’s also the ongoing possibility to simply donate some money to the cause, see the donations page for further information.

Furthermore I would like to spread some link love to all the pros who were generous enough to devote time and/or donate things and/or money to this good cause (in no particular order):

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