Gimme my token and shut up
Thursday July 13th 2006, 3:26 am
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So I log into FullTilt and browse the SnG section, which I haven’t done in a while. I find a new (to me at least) token satellite – shorthanded, 1 table, 6$, first gets the token, second gets 10 bucks. Not bad I think as I jump right into one. I sit back and relax and just play solid poker, pick up some pots and observe the competition. I’m seeing that one player is basically weak tight, one is agressive and the rest is trying to play tight. After some sucks and resucks we’re finally three-handed, so it’s bubble time and I find myself in the mix with the aggressive and the weak tight player. Cool…until I cannot get the weak tight fellow to put down his hand preflop…yes, you guess it, his cards were s0000ted (J9), so who can blame him calling my push preflop 😉

At least I’ve got him covered and I hope for better luck next time we run into each other. Not to forget about mr. aggressive, I let him steal some of my blinds as I’ve got no intention to call with 7 high out of position, even though some of my crap cards are s0000ted 😉

Then the hand of the night goes down: he’s on the button again and raises 3BB…I’m smiling as I look down at KK in the BB…and I’m not only smiling because of the cowboys, but the fact that I’ve got him outchipped maybe 3:1, so even if I lose that pot to some runner runner bs, I’ll still be more than healthy. So I call and he shows 1010…to my surprise my Kings are good for once and we’re headsup for the token and I’ve got the chiplead (roughly 2:1). After a lost race (my AKo vs 77), I start to put the pressure on, after all he’s mr. weak tight, so what the heck. He folds and folds and folds and when he finally calls a hand, he’s behind in it (my A4o vs his K3o). Neither one of us hits anything and I take down the last pot with Ace high. Gimme the token, thank you.

Sidenote: I enjoy playing shorthanded quite a lot and this one table format is really cool as it should be done in less than 1h (or even 45minutes) in most cases. I’ll give those a few more test runs and as soon as I’ve got  some tokens I’ll try to play some of the guarantees again or maybe even the satellites to the WSOP 100 Seat tourney. We’ll see…

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