Rafe Furst’s Last Longer Bet for WSOP Main Event
Tuesday July 25th 2006, 4:19 pm
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In his most recent post he’s thinking about starting a last longer pool…

Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Chris Ferguson, Perry Friedman or Mikey the Monkey


My thoughts on this proposal:

Well, I don’t have a clue what they are thinking putting a monkey into the Main Event, although many people have already called this year’s WSOP a zoo, so it might be not that far out after all. That said, I don’t have a clue about what the monkey is capable of either, so it’s really hard to say…so I’m moving on to a comedy prediction…:

I. Phil Hellmuth will have a strong run in this year’s Main Event. One thing is for sure though: he will blowup sooner or later (I’m guessing later this time), but it inevitable – the super-donkeys-worst-players-ever-tilt is upon him for sure, especially due to the donkey/pro ratio which should be huge this year.

II. Negreanu: I hope he goes deep, I like to watch him. I guess it all depends on the run of cards in the end (remember last year where he got sucked out on time and time again and couldn’t make a hand in return when he was drawing?)..

III. Perry Friedman: Hmm…maybe his faces he paints on his hands sometimes can give me a clue :p

IV. Chris Ferguson: Jesus will do well, too. I don’t see him going ultra-deep though

V. Da Chimp: He will spend most of the time in the later stages of day 1 on the rail for dropping a p&p-bomb – yes that’s a poo&pee-bomb: after starting out pretty well by sucking out on some donkeys, it’s going to be his time to get sucked out on. After getting sucked out on, he’ll turn on the inner aggression monkey and crap all over the table…this will earn him a 2h penalty, which will be enough to almost blind him out. Shortly after that he’s going to be all-in with da bananas (77) and double up, which in turn will lead to yet another railtime as the “happy monkey dance” isn’t allowed on the dealer’s head…this time the penalty is only 1h, but it’ll be enough to blind him out… 🙂

So my last-longer guess is:

1. Friedman

2. Phil Hellmuth

3. Da Chimpster

4. Chris Ferguson

5. Daniel Negreanu

Anyone willing to put a banana split on that? 😉

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