DADI8 – Rebuy in July
Thursday July 27th 2006, 2:48 pm
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Wow. Now that was the blogger tourney with the biggest price-pool that I can remember. 1450$ in total, after 62 buys, 160 rebuys and 48 add-ons (including the 100$ addon from Mike’s site). Really nice to see that the winner could take home 435$ 🙂

dadi8 rebuy in july

It wasn’t me though, but I’m still satisfied. It was fun, although it was crazy early on. That’s what sets rebuy tourneys apart from most other tourneys. Players are not worried about pushing their (more marginal) hands early on as there’s always the chance to rebuy until the first break. So basically the first hour is really different from any other first hour of the regular brogger tourneys (WWdN, Mookie, etc). I was able to push my 1010 into Wes‘ QQ early on, but then, after my first and last rebuy and some nice pots, the hand happened: I look down at KK and they hold up against Wes and another opponents hand and I’m looking at a monster-stack of over 15k in chips (starting chips 1500). So I was in the chiplead after 35 minutes and should remain in the spot at the sun for another hour:

dadi8 after 35minutes

After that I went into the maintain stack modus. It was easy enough to steal some blinds here and there as we approached the first break and the end of the rebuy period. Most players took the addon (2k chips for 5$), I passed as I was still in the chiplead.

Then the card-deadness set in and I thought it’d be a long night, then I look down at the hammer in the SB…folded around and I raise to 800 (4xBB)…DuggleBogey in the BB only has a stack of slightly over 2k left, so he pushes…now I can’t laydown the hammer to a 1.2k raise, so I call…Duggle shows 66…sure enough the hammer does me good with a 7 on the flop and the not necessary 2 on the river. I bust Duggle and take a note to self: “Hammer g00t!” 😉
Hammer g00t

After that it’s more card-deadness…I swear I’ve never seen so many 47o, 48o, 36o in my life. In what feels like an eternity (I didn’t really have a look at the clock, so it could have been only 20 minutes) I didn’t see a single face card, so it was fold fold fold, even when in the BB as people starting to turn on the heat. Then I finally look down at a real hand again QQ…I raise the usual 3BB, one caller…flop comes down xKx with two hearts. I check, he bets…I call. Turn is another heart. I check he checks behind me. River is another heart. Now I don’t have a heart and I’m almost certain I’m done…I check, he checks. He shows flush King high (he held 44 with the 4h). Yuck. This hand got me thinking: First mistake – not betting at least half the pot. If I make a half-pot sized bet here he can either fold, call or reraise. If he’s reraising I can still think about the pot-odds and if I believe his King in the first place. So a informational bet would have been in order here. Second mistake – bet the turn, even if he had a King chances are good he doesn’t have a heart at all or at least a small or two small ones. Third mistake – bet the river (if it would have come down to this), he had “only” 5k left, which would have put a dent into my stack, but I’m not sure he would have called down in the first place with his measly 44…so this one was clearly my fault.

After that hand I’m down to 10k with the average stack size approaching 15k. Damn! A few hands later a short-stack pushes and it’s up to me in the BB to decide: fold or call the additional 2.5k with Q9. Now I’m the first to admit that this is a loose call, but Q9 was the best hand (apart from the QQ) I was holding in ages and the fact that a short-stack can push with such a huge range of hands made me call. He shows K10, K on the flop and that’s that. Now I’m stuck with roughly 7.5k. The biggest stack at the time was smokkee approaching 50k. Now I’m not on tilt or anything, but my card-deadness, the fact that it’s after 5am and the fact that I want some chips back lead me to play looser and looser. A few preflop raises called just to fold on the flop or turn quickly lead me to an all-time low and the back of the pack with just 2.6k left. So I basically have to push with the next semi-decent hand. I’m UTG and look down at A5, not really a decent hand, but hell, next hand I’m the BB which would cost me 800…so there’s no other option. One caller…his K10o beats my ass as yet another King hits the flop. Out in 22nd place 🙁


1. Playing at a tough, but really entertaining starting table including our table rebuy-kings shadowtwin and Wes…

2. Holding on to the chiplead for quite a long time…

3. Playing with a lot of other broggers, including “The Blogfather Himself“, Wes, Bobby Bracelet and all the others…

4. Actually having a great time along with the chance to win some nice dough…


1. Card-deadness, especially bad when playing with some of the most aggressive players you’ll find…

2. Some bad plays I made in the end…time to get down to the analysis on some of the hands…

Last but not least: Thanks again to Jordan and TripJax for setting up yet another classic brogger tourney!

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