Long ass SnGs and fun at the ring tables
Monday August 21st 2006, 2:47 am
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Man, you wouldn’t even believe how long a friggin SnG can take if everybody, and I mean everybody literally, is a total rock at the table. I tried to switch my style accordingly, but it’s a dance on the razor’s edge as mr. rock x..y will play his Aces just like his old limping ass hand. Sometimes I doubt the randomness of the shuffle and while I know that that’s bs it’s sometimes the only way to cope with the shit, just put it on the rigged deck, lol. I can’t count the number of times I waited for good cards tonight just to push them right into the nuts and I’m not even counting the vicious dominated hand-suckouts (AK vs AA three times, AQ vs AK two times, etc, and  as sure as hell (one of the) case ace(s) showed up every friggin time). Anyway, so I was able to win one nontheless and score a third place to end the SnG session just a little down for the day. Not bad, so I jump into a MTT and the same shit happens. So I decided that tournament poker was not very kind to me today, so ring game time it was.

Donk around a little on the NL10 tables, but was quickly bored with the scared folks folding even to minor bets. So I jumped into some NL25 action and came out ahead by a longshot. Nice one, especially the one hand I stacked a player flop J93 rainbow, he checks I bet, he calls, turn is another J,  he pushes…now he either has the case Jack (with a hopefully worse kicker, which is not playing) or a boat. I call…he shows QJ, I show KJ, river is blank. So all in all a nice session tonight and I’m a step closer to getting the 200 points I need to clear the PSO bonus (9000 points).

I didn’t have the time to finish up a long ass post which I started yesterday, hopefully I’ll have the time to finish it soon – it’s working title is “The Poker Preacher (Part II)”…should be interesting to read, at least I think so, so stayed tuned…

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