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Tuesday August 22nd 2006, 1:45 am
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…it’s unbelievable how many hands can go absolutely wrong. I mean we all go through the motion and run bad sometime, but today’s SnGs just destroyed me. The only exception was one of the early one where I took down 2nd place, but apart from that one junk kicking, suck/resuck, suckout or cooler after another…unreal. My personal favourite hands tonight where the following two:

1. (I was too slow to do a screengrab, so here’s the lowdown) KQs in LP, I pop it up preflop, one caller, flop comes down J-10-4 rainbow. Caller in EP bets half the pot, now I’ve got to options: call or raise…I decided to go with the raise, because even if he has TPTK, I still got 13 outs (3K, 3Q, 4T, 3A) and he needs to make a tough call…so I push and he calls…well…turn is a lovely A…now he’s dead to one of the remaining two Aces and three Jacks. Ace on the river. Yuck! After the hand I can’t see a way I can get away from the hand, if I only smooth-call the flop the Ace hit’s the river and there’s no way in hell I can lay it down there. So the only true option would have been to fold after the flop came down, which I didn’t like: I already commited 20% of my stack, I’m in the SnG to win…

So that one went bad…dog preflop, lots of chances on the flop, golden on the turn, shit hit the fan on the river. That’s the way it is sometime. Made a nice comeback after that, but lost a random hand shortly after that to go out as the bubble boy. Annoying.

2. This one is so good it makes you wanna puke, at least it made me almost lose it. How the fuck can this donk call on the flop with top pair no kicker*? What made it even better is that this was the very first hand of the SnG, so can anyone tell me why he feels he needs to call of his stack there? Even better, after the hand he tries to lecture me about how badly I played the hand – damn he’s lucky that the “wireless-slap-down” (TM) wasn’t invented yet.

what a lucky fishy

* after all he runner-runnered a better boat than mine so he’s a genius. Wait, not really. I just told him that he’s a fish and that at least the dough I invested was a good investment as it was material for yet another bad beat post – that and that he had every right to call in that spot, after all his TPNK was s0000ted 😉

So anyway, enough of the rant, if you come across the player x (name removed, after all there’s more than enough fish around bodog, so no point in even going after such a low limit donk), feel free to skin him, he’s a stuck-up, arrogant donkfish, but beware of his unbelievable vaccum-like suckout powers… 🙂

After that lousy shit in SnG after SnG I thought I’d give NL25 another whirl and promptly doubled up…so I’m still up for the session, which is nice, but money can’t buy back the nerves I lose due to such donkeys stealing my money and time…

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