The bonus hunt continues…
Wednesday August 23rd 2006, 4:10 am
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…spent quite some time at bodog again today, grinding it out in the SnGs and throwing in a little NL25 action to spice things up. Played 8 SnGs today mostly two at once, it’s just too damn boring just playing one and boredom sometimes leads to stupid (action hungry) action which I like to avoid these days. Play wasn’t great at the tables, nothing new there, and I restrained myself from doing stupid things, mostly…one time I pushed my QQ into Ace rag although an Ace hit the flop – should have known better, but hey…it happens.

So, I cashed in 6 out of 8, but only taking down one win. I blame it mostly on the bad timing on some of the hands: today I didn’t only play and write down user notes on tendencies and stuff, but I also kept track of some of the usual situations that come up during a session, namely coinflips and their result and “coolers” – now I use the word cooler loosely, I mean it’s definitely a cooler when you’re Daniel Negreanu holding 66 against Gus Hansen’s 55 on High Stakes Poker (Season 2, Episode 11) and the flop comes down 965…and then the turn is another 5 and you lose to the tune of 300.000$ out of your own pocket, so excuse that I use the term “cooler” here at all (after all I’m playing LOW limits), it’s just that I fell in love with the expression as it totally fits when it comes down to certain situations (you are playing Fold’em for half an hour as you can’t even get SMTL or the hammer, left alone a “real hand”, so you get dealt AQ, AJ or whatever and every friggin time someone is holding a stronger ace).

So the stats for the two facts would be:

1. Coinflips played: 2, won: 2, 99 vs AK flopped a set, AK vs 44 hit a King

2. “Coolers”: AJs vs AQ, AQs vs AKo, A10 vs A6…and you guessed it, I didn’t get lucky on any of them and even got unlucky on the last one (board A-10-6, turn blank, river 6)

So all in all I almost doubled my deposit so far and I’m on my way of getting to the 200 bodog points, which will result in 900 PSO points soon enough…nice.

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