My first mookie ever
Thursday August 24th 2006, 5:27 am
Filed under: MTT,No-Limit Hold'em,PokerStars

Quick wrapup: it cost me more than the 10+1$ entry fee…I was a little short shortly before it began (a few cents) so I decided to do a quick hit and run at the cash tables…hit I did, outsucked I got and then I ran…to fire up neteller 😉 🙁

So anyway, started of the table with the host himself and went on a little run early on…then I went into the fold’em wasteland as I couldn’t catch a hand if my life depended on it…then I get my money in with Jacks vs wonka’s AK…A on the flop…down to slightly over 1500. Fold’em, fold’em fold’em…and then I look down at presto (55), not the best in the world, but hey…best I’ve seen in a while and the blinds are eating me alive…no joy though against A10…out in 16th (of 38).

My quick summary: fun at the tables, coinflips played: 2, coinflips lost: 2…go figure…for a live-blogging style post about the tourney check out Mook’s post

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