SnG, SnG, SnG
Thursday August 24th 2006, 2:27 am
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Nothing too spectacular to report today, played SnG after SnG to bring my total of SnGs played on bodog since sunday to 35. Today, I cashed in 7 out of 10, so not too bad, once again only one win though, which sucks, but what can you do more than stick your money in with the best hand and hope for the best? Exactly, nothing more and hopefully nothing less. The cards just can’t fall your way any time.

Coinflips played: 3, Won: 2, Lost: 1

Real coolers: 3, 99 vs KK, 78 vs 89 on a 884 board and 55 vs AA, lost both

Coolers the other way round: AA vs KK, Aces held up

Times sucked out/sucked out on: 4 and 4, so even…not taking into consideration that most of the sucked out on hands happened really deep in the money (usually headsup), so even is just a real number comparison, I’m way down when you look at the “money factor”…and I’m not counting the one where a player sucked out a chop my QQ vs Q7…board AJ10xK…
I would like to end this summary with a nice message that kept popping up earlier in the day before bodog threw out a software update this afternoon…

message box

Errrrm, yup…thanks for the message 🙂

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