Nothing new in bodog country
Friday August 25th 2006, 4:26 am
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Play is still aweful, although there are some regulars, like myself, who try to both get their hands on the fish and keep the level of play a little bit above “stinkin aweful”.

Good news: made money like always despite numerous suckouts against me plus the fact that I couldn’t win a single coinflip for a while (including yesterday’s coinflips starting with the mook I went a whoopin 0 for 5 before I finally won one again – now we all know that coinflips don’t work in the win one lose one way, but it still sucks if you’ve got such a consecutive streak of losses). Just slightly over 50 points to go to clear the PSO bonus, too. Should be done soon enough (I’m guessing early to mid next week). Cool stuff as I doubled my deposit too…so I’m going to keep playing there for a while even after finishing the bonus 🙂
Bad news: I’m starting to wear out and it’s hard to stay focused, although my hand reading ability has benefited from the grind – it’s almost scary how accurate I can put my opponents on hands most of the time…okay, it’s not all that hard with most opponents either as they don’t know what the heck they’re doing. One question I asked in the table chat tonight was: “Does anybody around here have a post-flop game?” – and it’s a valid one as most people know only two ways to play (especially preflop): push or fold. Now there are some people, including myself, who try to exploit it…but for the most part a push means either nuts or something else (d’oh), namely small pair or weak Ace…lovely to see this, especially if the player is in EP and you’re looking down at a monster.

Coinflips played: 5, lost: 3, won:2

“Coolers” and suckouts: 55 vs AA lost, QQ vs KK vs AA lost but not broke as the spidey sense kicked in just in time to only lose me 200 odd chips, AQ vs AK lost, AJ vs AQ lost, AJ vs AK (all those lovely AJ vs hands were three- to four-handed, nice shuffle there), times I sucked out: 0, times I got sucked out on: 4

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