PSA – man poker can be fun sometimes
Sunday August 27th 2006, 2:40 am
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Hehe! Well, poker can really be fun sometime even if both the play at the tables and the result are bad. I’m near clearing the bodog points to finish the PSO promotion which is a good thing as I’m about to lose it with bodog. No, not my money, I’m way up, but my sanity! The play of some, if not most, players is so awful that it hurts to watch them even if you’re not in the hand and sometimes even more when you’re in a hand.

That’s when I said to myself: Why keep it in? Why not have some fun at the table, especially due to the fact that there was one particularly chatty player at the table anyway. So I went ahead and did a little Public Service Announcement…lol…

Ingoal: if play get’s a tiny bit worse than this bodog is required to hand out mandatory barf bags…
Ingoal: …so please get your act together or the rake will go up
Kevin_thekid_A: LOL
Ingoal: cheers the management
Ingoal: lol

Man, I’m still laughing at this one, and you know why? Because it’s indeed the awful truth. So, my plan is to grind away at the points to finish the promotion asap and then I’ll probably take a few days off before returning to bodog to skin more fish.

I leave you with some stats and one of two lovely hands which included the same shit, AQ vs QQ…no Ace to be found, but the case queen…

the case queen

…the other similar hand was even better, A10 vs 1010, flop comes Ace high…turn blank…river case 10…yeeeehaaaw! I was so shocked that I didn’t make a screenshot.

Stats: Coins won 2, Coins lost: 3

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