WWdN – Hunting Fish Invitational
Wednesday August 30th 2006, 3:39 am
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Played the WWdN tonight and once again did not fare all that bad. I would say that it was the elevator tourney for me – straight up at first, then someone cut the wires and doooooooown we go. Final hand was my typical exit: a coinflip, what else is new? AKs vs QQ…boom headshot…out in 29th.

Thoughts about my play tonight: can’t find a bigger mistake I made, what stood out was the fact that I didn’t have a hand when I was in the BB after level 1. I mean it’s easy to call 60 chips or something in the beginning (standard 3x raise), but in the later stages I won’t call of that much with the hands I held in the BB (short, but representative selection: 103o, 104o, 83o, 94o, 23o, 24o, 75o, …). So all in all a nice tourney yet again with Kat, surf, hoy and numerous others at my table with the usual finish – I don’t have exact notes, but I think that I busted out of the WWdN (and brogger tourneys in general) in the last 8 out of 10 times. Damn you rigged coin 😉
29th place finish

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