No joy…
Saturday September 09th 2006, 3:43 am
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…in the live game. Tonight we played our home game – about time we got together to throw some chips and cards around again. I drew a seat at table two along with Mr. Luckbox and our resident maniac (aka “The Host”) to start off the tourney. Not a bad deal as I had position on both of em. The best hand I’ve seen all night was AA in LP in the first hand, which didn’t give me all that much.

After a long back and forth battle we were finally down to the last 6 (on both tables combined) and the outlook was rather grim: From our table I was one of the last three players standing, but the chipcount was rather disheartening: Me – 7.2 Euro, Player 2 – 3.2 Euro, “Luckbox” 109.6 Euro, yikes…

So it was pretty obvious that I didn’t have much options at the final table – the blinds at 1 .2 / 2.4 Euro with a .30 Euro ante. I drew a nice seat, but I was the first BB…I look down at AsQs and watch the situation unfold…Player 2 (from my first table) calls the BB and has got .80 Euro left…Player 3 calls…Player 4 and 5 fold…I push….both player 2 and 3 call…they show..AKo and AKo…wtf????!!!! No help on the board, Player 2 and 3 split the pot and I’m eliminated…damn! Even better: Player 2 went on to win the whole thing…an amazing run of cards I would assume, as coming back from 3.2 Euro with 240 Euro being in play isn’t your everyday display of superior skills 😉

After I busted out of the Main Tourney I sat down at the second chance tourney and did quite well, but in the end I just couldn’t catch anything when I needed it, so I busted out fourth (2 ITM)…overall not a good result, but at least I played my A-Game….the cards just didn’t fall my way…


ya, i’m not a big fan of home games. the game is slow (e.g. players don’t know when to act, misdeals, spilled beer, etc), the prize pool usually isn’t that big and it can become a contest of who can take down the biggest suckout of the night.

Comment by smokkee 09.09.06 @ 6:34 pm


Hehe…don’t even get me started on the slowness of the game (we’ve got several players that will take “some” time every hand, blinds are not posted, etc etc), but in the end, it’s still fun…after all I’m not in it for the money…it’s all about having a good time with friends…and that’s why I’m still playing in this home game and will be as long as the game exists 😉

Comment by Ingoal 09.10.06 @ 5:03 pm