Finally some pure poker fun again…
Saturday October 14th 2006, 1:59 am
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Played some SnGs on bodog earlier on and although I’m not a “regular” anymore, some people still recognize me – I guess they’re keeping notes as I do. The only thing that I’m really missing isn’t playing x SnGs every day, well a little bit too, but the fact that I’m missing all the blogger tourneys (the weekly WWdN and Mookie and also the occasional DADI or charity tourney) – I would love to play, but with the new job deal (internship) I need to get up at 6am and I usually get home a 6pm or later and pretty much exhausted from sitting in front of the screen all day. Weird how you can do a 16-20h bender in front of your own computer and be so tired after 7-10 hours at the office – I guess it’s the fact that there’s no webradio, blogs, podcasts (e.g. AnteUp) or other “pleasant distractions” to keep you going…
…but enough of the babbling, let’s get to the playing. So, the usual bad beats, ups and downs aside, it was pure poker fun. Took off from work a little earlier today (3pm), so I was able to squeeze in some play before footie training.

Played a total of 5 SnGs, 4 ITM, 1 bubble with 1 win…not too shabby…especially considering how I played, the A game is back 🙂
I guess I’ll be back at the tables tomorrow after a good nite’s sleep…


GL this weekend.

Comment by smokkee 10.14.06 @ 8:53 pm


Thanks smokkee…didn’t go all that way today, despite playing good…sometimes the cards just don’t cooperate 😉

Comment by Ingoal 10.15.06 @ 12:27 am