Shorthanded play sometimes makes me wanna puke
Sunday October 15th 2006, 9:31 pm
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There, I said it. Played an amazing set of 6 SnGs on bodog today and was able to finish ITM 5 times, 1 bubble…not too shabby…the last one just made me wanna puke though. We’re down to three-handed and one player is out in front, I’m in second and the player in third is about half my chipstack. I look down at AJ in the BB…shortstack on the button pushes, big stack folds, I call…he shows KK…flop K…turn K…nice, dem quads again. Sigh. Three hands later the big stack out of the SB pushes…I look down at AK…well…call…he shows AA…what the fuck is this bullshit about? I mean it’s cards and anything can happen, but come on! It’s three-handed, damn it! Gimme a break…

Still finished up for the day, but leaving on a down feeling…oh well…let’s see what the next few days bring (maybe I’ll try to sneak in some hands in the evening, maybe not)…as for tonight: I’m off…gotta get up early so I’ll miss the chance to play Rafe and Phil for a good cause for only 5+5$…3am is just too late/early on a monday morning…for everyone else willing to play…have a look at Kat‘s banner for details…

bad beat on cancer tourney banner

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