Another day…
Monday October 23rd 2006, 11:27 pm
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…another twenty HU SnGs, lol 🙂

Well, what can I tell you, I’m hooked! The purest of poker, heads up, mano-a-mano, whatever you would like to call it. I love the fact that it’s both a battle of cards, but also a battle of wits – and the fact that it’s a rather action heavy form of competition along with a shorter duration (than normal SnGs) makes it even more appealing.

So…I jumped in and won the first four in a row. Should have won the fifth one too, but the cards had another idea – AJ vs A10…he runner runners a four flush…ugh…Won two out of the next five, just had the second best hand every time there was a big pot…weird how often you see similar hands 47 vs 48…case two fours on the board, etc…Then I went on a bad streak of three lost in a row…too bad if you push in with AK vs AA headsup…even worse if you push in with KK vs 99 and lose to the lovely two outer. The third one wasn’t too cool either…I got my opponent slightly covered…I look down at 44 on the button…I raise…he reraises…now this tells me Ace…hopefully not Aces…I call and we see a flop of A45 rainbow…now I’m pretty sure I’m ahead and I overbet the pot…he raises…I push…he insta-calls with A6o…lol…nice…turn 3…river 7… 🙁

After that I considered logging off for the night, but I decided to continue playing and play I did. After some other random junk kickings (which I survived, sometimes down to less than 200 in chips) I went on a total rush winning the final seven in a row.

So the total for tonight is a little worse than yesterday, but still good…13/20…this brings my bodog HU SnG record to 29/44 Edit: 42 (20+20+2 != 44 ;))….not too bad 🙂

Alrighty…it’s late again…so I’m off…gl everyone…

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you should consider the heads-up 4 player sng’s. those things are gold. you pay less rake over the long haul and when you hit that 1st place it is sweet. i often switch it out and do a 4 player then a traditional…

Comment by TripJax 10.24.06 @ 2:13 am


Yeah, thought about that…but the main problems are:

1. bodog doesn’t offer them – and I really like to hit the HU SnGs there as most players are, well, not donkeys…but weak…(I don’t know if that’s the fish migration from Party already as the competition has been soft without it so far, but it could be)
2. I don’t like the idea that a donk get’s lucky on me in the “finals”…I mean, it’s groovy to earn double and pay the same rake, but at the same time it’s the “gotta win two in a row” thing that just isn’t my kind of game…looking back at the last three days I went on such rushes sometimes that it would have been golden, but what about the days when it’s win one lose one repeat?!

So for now I’m stickin with the bodog “single” HU matches…

Comment by Ingoal 10.24.06 @ 7:41 pm

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