Can this last?
Wednesday October 25th 2006, 10:03 pm
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After hitting the headsup tables once again tonight, I started wondering: Can this really last? Can I keep beating the competition in 60-66% of all matches? Well, the answer isn’t a clear “yes” or “no”…depending on my focus, the run of cards and many other factors, everything is possible, but sometimes even the biggest suckouts against me can’t stop me from winning. There, I said it. Oooooh, let’s hope that the poker gods don’t put the curse on me, lol…but back on topic…it’s really amazing how some of the concepts I recently read/seen/thought about are coming to life in some of the matches. Being really aggressive and unpredictable early on. Never showing anything unless it’s called down. Always raising, always playing, almost never folding. “Any two cards will do”, especially if my opponents are so intimidated (?!) that they let me see flops for free all the time…disaster my friends…like in the one match which lasted exactly one hand. Opponent on the button min raises to twenty (blinds start at 5/10), I reraise to fourty with J6o…he calls…flop comes 66Q…I lead out the pot…he ponders and calls…turn is blank…I bet the pot…he calls…river blank….I push….he calls…shows AA and is out. Hard for him to get away from the hand as he most def put me on a weak queen…but still not totally impossible to laydown the hand. On another note: most suckouts against me are just at that point in the match when I finally hold a “quality” or even premium starting hand…the most money (stack time) is when I play my “high stakes poker”-style game…57o…gold! 46o gold! 53o platinum! lol…unreal how many players really think their TPSK/TPTK is good…

Anyway..enough babbling…cold hard facts: Won 9 out of 15 bringing the total to 49 out of 74 and a nice profit. I just requested another payout…lovely to see your “freeroll” money grow and grow (I had withdrawn my original deposit along with some profit after completing the PSO bonus) 🙂

Edit: And just as I post this, the money is already sitting in my Neteller account again. Wow…withdrawal request till processing/money in Neteller: 18 minutes! 🙂

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