Saturday October 28th 2006, 7:57 pm
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…is the number of HU SnGs I played over the last few days, lol. It sounds a lot, but it really isn’t all that much if you think about the fact that, depending on the opponent and the cards, a match can last anywhere from 1-15 minutes. I guess the average was around 6-8 minutes/match.

Today’s session close the deal on 100 SnGs and I’m not satisfied with today’s result, but totally satisfied with the overall result.

Today: HU SnGs played: 16, HU SnGs won: 8

Total: HU SnGs played: 100, HU SnGs won: 66

So, I won 66% of the matches. Not bad I guess, although the number could have been even higher without some major suckouts…then again I had my share of suckouts in return, so I guess it all evens itself out. And why should I complain? 66% won matches is actually quite good, I guess?!

Some more stats:

Money wagered: 100 x 5$

Juice payed: 100 x .25 = 25$, wow…quite a bit, but I consider this a “tip” to bodog for handing me all the fish 🙂

Money won|net won: 66 x 10 = 660$  | 660-525 = 135$ 🙂
I think I’ll take a break from bodog and HU matches for now…after all I still got the FullTilt Reload-bonus to clear and I’m still planning on grinding out the last few points at nine to clear my PokerSavvy bonus there….so expect to hear about some more ring games and “normal” SnGs in the near future…

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