Some lessons are cheaper than others
Sunday November 05th 2006, 8:11 pm
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Lesson learned today: You should stop playing immediately if you see/you’ve got the feeling that the cards are against you ALL THE TIME!

– If you get stacked in a cash game in the first orbit because your opponent catches a lovely two-outer on the river. That sucks. If you go ahead and close the cash tables and head over to another site to play heads up and you lose the first match to a two-outer on the turn (top two vs mid pocket pair), the second one to a two-outer (top two vs low pocket pair) on the turn and the third one to a three-outer on the river, while choping unreal hands that should have busted your opponent (Did you EVER see hands like 24o turning into trips…then boating up…just to see your opponent holding 24o too? I did and laughed…I didn’t laugh as it happened again five hands later 35o vs 35o, trips, boat, all-in, chop). That sucks even more.

Price of this lesson: xx$

Realising that you can be 1 gazillion percent better than your donk-opponents and it ain’t going to matter one bit if you get cold deck after cold deck in such a horror-session and you should quit now without a second thought: priceless.

Should have learned that already, but now I’ll hopefully stick to it in the future.

Have fun in the big game tonight and a great week… 🙂

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