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Saturday November 11th 2006, 9:35 pm
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The name doesn’t mislead you, Cardroom Supply, Inc. could be your supplier of cardroom  related items. Their offerings range from my favourite playing cards (copaq plastic), over different chipsets and low-end folding table-tops to high-class poker-tables made of beautiful wood.

First impressions are important, so I was pleased to see a familiar icon during my first visit to the site. The Yahoo icon instantly hit’s the eye – or maybe it’s just my geek eye, who knows. That’s not a bug in your favourite browser, but due to the fact that Cardroom Supply is using the complete Yahoo shopping solution. The banner in the left hand column shows the whole five stars for top service, but as I’m not familiar with the Yahoo shopping solutions, I can’t tell you if that’s the rating of the shop itself, or a bold claim by Yahoo – one way or another, I tend to trust solutions using big players a lot more than home-coded shopping carts though. What adds additional trust is that by using the Yahoo shopping solution the shopping cart’s encryption is up to par (256bit AES) and hence your data, especially of your credit cards, is secure and the fact that there’s both an Info and about page telling the visitor and potential customers a little about the company’s background and showing all contact details including mail address, email address, fax number and even a toll-free number.

After checking out the background infos and the shopping cart itself, it was time to take a deeper look at the shop and it’s products and let me tell you: I’m impressed, especially by their wide range of different poker tables. I didn’t even know that they made such beautiful (and sadly rather expensive) poker tables out of wood. Even if you’re not a fan of such elegant tables, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for, as the casino (style) tables are up for grabs too, as are the low-end (home-game) tables.

And what could be even more important than a nice table? Yup, the chairs you sit in. I almost immediatly fell in love with this chair, too bad that flying such chairs across the great pond doesn’t seem to be a +ev proposition 😉

Add a nice chipset (or order some real clay-chips), a tournament timer and some playing cards and you’re all set for your next home-tourney, although there’s one setback – they won’t deliver the beer and snacks with your poker stuff.

Almost forgot to tell you: You’ll be please to hear that there’s free shipping on all orders above 100$ and there are regular specials – and who doesn’t love special deals. What I can’t tell you though is if the prices of the items are a steal or not, I’m not familiar with the domestic US gaming supply landscape, I leave that up to you to decide once you visit the shop yourself…

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